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RE: [IP] What do you do for neuropathy?

 This isn't the usual pattern for diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy
usually affects each side
 equally, and usually affects the furthest points from your body the most (i.e.
the toes and feet
before the hands, etc.).

 If this is not (purely) a diabetic complication, there may be something that
can be done about it.
 For example, if there is nerve compression that is causing the neuropathy,
surgically releiving the
pressure can provide relief.

 I think it would be worth seeing a neurologist for an evaluation. There are
also topical ointments
 that can be applied that provide relief from diabetic neuropathy; I find them
pretty helpful. Also
 there are lidocaine patches that you can apply which numb the skin and relieve
the pain. A
 neurologist should know about both options. And if those don't work, I'd look
into a pain center for
further assistence in managing the pain.

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  I have had Type 1 diabetes for almost 40 years with few complications until
recently. I wake up
 nights now with extreme excruciating pain in my right hand and arm. My PCP has
me on neurontin
 (which I am not sure is doing much) and vicodin. It started out that 1 vicodin
per night relieved
 the pain but now I am up to 3 and it does not always work. Plus I am a
candidate for an islet cell
 transplant and fear that much vicodin will make me test positive for drugs. I
just cannot convey how
 ghastly this pain is as it is close to unbearable. When I am experiencing it I
think I would rather
die than endure another minute.
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