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Re: [IP] Copyright infringement - PLEASE STOP!

And this is precisely why this thread won't die.  The mere fact that you 
posted your response below makes you as guilty as anyone for keeping it 
alive.  If you want to move on with another subject, then post something 
different and quit responding to this topic.  If everyone would just quit 
responding, it would go away.  How many times and how many Admins have to 
ask this to stop?

In defense of Sam, he spends many, many hours each and every week of his 
life volunteering his time to help this list run smoothly and then gets 
slammed for it.  When things go off topic as they occasionally do, we try to 
ignore it until it becomes apparent that it won't go away on its own.  As 
another Admin said recently, we hate playing "bad cop."  Behind the scenes, 
we sometimes get complaints from other members as to why we haven't done 
anything to shut down these off-topic threads.  Then when we ask people to 
take it off list, they not only ignore us, but complain and insult us for 
doing our job.

As another of the volunteer Administrators, I am asking that you please stop 
discussing this topic on list, and hope this will be the last post on this 
entire subject.

Shawna Nansel
Another one of the VOLUNTEER IP Mail Administrator

From: <email @ redacted>

> JEES LOUISE, let a damned dead dog lie.  Has not anyone figured that  you
> have now beat a dead rabbit??  The one thing that WAS a SIMPLE question 
> has
> turned into a friggin debate club, and to boot, it has NOT A DAMNED THING 
> TO
> DO WITH D, NOT EVEN  CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We got your idea Sam... you are 
> not
> for the  idea.  OK!!  MOVE ON.. PICK ANOTHER SUBJECT........how about 
> someones
> BG's getting out of wack with there wanna be "law school" knowledge???
> ~ ShawnaLT in AZ on IP that is PG (and is not playing well with  others 
> right
> now) 
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