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Re: [IP] Microsoft WORD

At 04:38 AM 1/18/2005, you wrote:
>Maybe it's just me, but I am sick of the IP volunteers and IP administration
>replies to email! Take this "off the list" take that "off the list" maybe 
>belongs on the "Spirit" mails.

I am sorry you do not like us asking things to be taken off list but that 
is what the Admins do here.  We try to keep things on topic without trying 
to be to overbearing.  We try to let some topics die without a word from 
the Admins.

>Good grief! Would you have us all stand at
>attention and salute after we've finished reading???

Actually no we don't but we do request you respect the decision of those 
that help keep this list going.  We also like to hear from members that do 
not agree with our requests.  If any member here does not like the request 
we just ask that you write to the admins directly or write to the Help 
address and we will consider the message.

As far as messages on the list relating to diabetes and not to the admin 
duties. Debate our stances, question us, that is what the list is for 
exchange of ideas relating to diabetes.

>Kathy was looking for help and instead of helping her, you've chastised her.
>Have you forgotten that we are human? I am very upset with IP right now. Did
>you forget that we all are fighting the same battle every day?

I thought it was very calm response.  We asked her not to post that request 
here because it IS illegal.  I know of several times that Bill has made 
examples out of people for doing what was asked.  The chances are that 
nothing would happen but I would not put anyone or IP at that risk.

As for forgetting that we are fighting the same battle...  No I have 
not  forgotten that I have diabetes, I have not forgotten that there are 
millions of us fighting this disease.  Or was that the same "battle" you 
were talking about?  Reason I ask is that the original message had nothing 
to do with Diabetes.  And I for one am in no "battles"  with MicroSoft or 
Bill Gates.

>I have now and
>  always will have high blood sugars because I have Addison's disease and 
> Thyroid
>disease. My meds greatly raise my blood sugar level. I fight high blood
>  sugars all day long.

I can understand your frustrations with your Diabetes and if there is any 
support we can give you related to that please let us know.

>I am agitated almost beyond belief with IP now. "You can't
>this" "You can't do that" Good old Sam is always right there with his 
>about what can be done and what cannot.

Sam is not the only one that brings this subject up.  I for one have many 
times in the past.  Sam did what was right.  He made a stand and informed 
the person that made the request about what her request meant.

>  I have read one too many emails from Sam recently and I think it is time to
>  leave IP.

I hope you reconsider and stay.

But if you do leave I wish you the best.

Take Care
Also a VOLUNTEER Administrator 
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