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Re: [IP] What do you do for neuropathy?

I've been taking alpha lipoic acid and evening primrose and the combination 
seems to really help with neuropathy in my feet and hands (I'm one of those 
type 2s who already had the pain and burning at the time of diagnosis).

I read about this in Dr. Bernstein's book - and I take 900 mg of ALA split 
 inot two doses - 2 300 mg pills in the morning and 1 at night. I take 500 mg of
evening primrose with each dose of ALA.  The ALA is the sustained release 
version as the regular version runs through the body too quickly.  I've found 
that iherb.com has good prices. 

ALA is routinely used in Germany for help with diabetes.

Another supplement some have found helpful for neuropathy is benfotiamine.  I 
tried it and it didn't help, but YMMV.

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