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Re: [IP] Microsoft WORD (let it end)

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005 email @ redacted wrote:

> Maybe it's just me, but I am sick of the IP volunteers and IP administration 
 > replies to email! Take this "off the list" take that "off the list" maybe
> belongs on the "Spirit" mails. Good grief! Would you have us all stand at 
> attention and salute after we've finished reading???

Sorry if the admins were doing their job. You let one thing like this slip 
through, the wrong person sees it, then IP has just lost it's non-profit 
status. The admins were just doing the right thing.

> Kathy was looking for help and instead of helping her, you've chastised her. 

Kathy was looking to do something illegal. She was updated rather nicely 
about the fact, it should have ended there.

There are free programs she could use, student options, and illegal ones. 
I think she was given all the options and it should end. If she wants to 
steal software, that's here buisness. I'd rather not see this place become 
another list of people trying to share software (I've seen enough of those 
'k thanks). We all have our own opinions on this matter, lets keep it off 
the list and get back to what the list is for...IP.

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