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[IP] Cipro/Generics from India/Canadian Pharmaceuticals

The difference between buying a generic manufactured in India and buying 
directly from Canada is that the generics from India have been approved by 
the FDA and thus meet the standards set in the US for drugs.  The drugs 
purchased directly from Canada do not undergo FDA approval and may not meet 
the standards set for US drugs.  While Canadian standards are high and 
legitimate drugs purchased from a Canadian pharmacy are fine, there are no 
checks and balances in place to prevent counterfits from being sold to 
Americans.  This is the same reason why buying drugs from a discount online 
pharmacy that does not require a prescription is a bad idea.  There are 
ill-meaning people out there who will try to make money at other peoples 
expenses--including selling you expired drugs with modified expiration 
dates, diluted drugs, and there was even an instance with Ortho-Evra (the 
birth control patch) where the product turned out to be nothing more than 
bandages (containing no drug whatsoever).  The other reason why we cannot 
buy drugs from Canada is that Canada does not want us to deplete their 
supply of prescription drugs (meant for Canadian citizens) and since the US 
has a much higher population than Canada this is a realistic fear.

The FDA does inspect periodically the manufacturing plants for all health 
products entering this country, which is one of the reasons why there was a 
flu shot shortage this year and also why Diesetronic/Roche had to make some 
changes in the way that their insulin pumps were manufactured so that they 
met the US standards to be sold in this country.  A large percentage of 
generics are manufactured in places that might be considered 3rd world, but 
then again, a lot of name brand pharmaceuticals are manufactured in similar 

Just food for thought.

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