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Re: [IP] Microsoft WORD

Maybe it's just me, but I am sick of the IP volunteers and IP administration 
replies to email! Take this "off the list" take that "off the list" maybe this 
belongs on the "Spirit" mails. Good grief! Would you have us all stand at 
attention and salute after we've finished reading???
Kathy was looking for help and instead of helping her, you've chastised her. 
Have you forgotten that we are human? I am very upset with IP right now. Did 
you forget that we all are fighting the same battle every day? I have now and 
 always will have high blood sugars because I have Addison's disease and Thyroid
disease. My meds greatly raise my blood sugar level. I fight high blood 
 sugars all day long. I am agitated almost beyond belief with IP now. "You can't
this" "You can't do that" Good old Sam is always right there with his warnings 
about what can be done and what cannot. I went into chat last night and I 
 think it was my last night online with the pumpers. The woman was seeking help!
Boy, oh boy, she got anything but what she wanted from IP. Yes, there are 
 guidelines for any business, any community of people. But you've scolded her!
all who have to read this, but this is the straw breaking this camels back. I 
have read one too many emails from Sam recently and I think it is time to 
 leave IP. I don't need anything to raise my blood sugars by aggravating me.
I am opinionated and what some would label a "bleeding heart." I am also a 
very loving, very caring person. And I think that is the bottom line. I care 
 about people in general. And in my humble opinion, Kathy was not treated
"You can laugh all you want, just keep the verdict on the opinion of me to 
yourself."  Good luck to everyone in the quest with Diabetes. 

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