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Re: [IP] prevalence of Type 1 diabetes in adults and children

>I don't have an answer here, but I'll note that these statements are not
> in clear conflict, since the population of people over 20 is much larger
> than under. Add to that the possible difference in definition of adults,
> (>=18, >=20), and these statements start to actually look consistent!

Adult ?  I am going to be 45 this March and I am not sure I AM an adult!
Well OK, I always think of 30 as the age at which I became an adult.  That 
was when I divorced my first wife, quite drinking and drugging, started to 
deal with my childhood sexual abuse and myself - my diabetes.  Well that all 
took time but it all started when I was 30! When I was diagnosed in May of 
1980 at the age of 20 they kept my in the hospital for 2 weeks looking for 
something wrong with my because I was too OLD to be a juvenal diabetic ! 
Even thought I was acting like a juvenal. I refused to wear a gown - they 
are so uncomfortable and the young nurses were shocked by my nakedness so 
some old bitty came in to lecture me :-)  I still did not wear anything but 
then I have never worn PJs and I told them so :-)

Robert B
dx1980, pumping since 1996
now with his purple 715 pump PO |-)

I am not a complete idiot, some parts are missing! 
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