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[IP] Re: Re:Syringes and Cipro-AMAZING!

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 23:25:04 -0800, you wrote:

>>      Isn't this just amazing?  I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at
>>the drug maker...I never buy generic and this got through this time.  I too
>>rushed home and looked the company up.  Low and behold there it was listed
>>as bright as day.  This is really hard for me to understand; we can't buy
>>drugs from Canada where they have some of the most strict production laws
>>around but we buy from Hyderabad!  I have been there several times and I
>>would NEVER take a drug produced in that area.  You can't find decent water
>>there anyplace.  There is hardly a place to sit that is not covered in dung.
>>I just can't believe what is happening to the drug system.
>>Thanks for reaffirming what I saw.

 LPJ, Don't be so quick to discount the quality of Indian firms. While there is
a common image of these areas as being primative dung heap litterd backwards
areas, very often, just the reverse is true.  As I may have mentioned on the
 list before, I work as a goldsmith, so what I know best is the jewelry
But the similarities to other industries are common.  In our industry, here in
the USA, while there's much manufacturing and advanced technology, many of the
 largest companies have taken a while to get there, and in some cases, are
things much the way they've done for a while, decades, at the least.  They
incorporate new technologies, but not all THAT fast.  On the other hand, in
India, an area where jewelry making for millenia amounted to, and often still
is, guys sitting in mud huts, on the dirt floor, with a few tools banging out
gold jewelers much the way they've done since Roman times,  at the same time,
there are modern factories there that you just would not believe.  These places
 often have been built just within the last ten years, though often by companies
that have been around a very long time.  Well financed, they don't just upgrade
some outmoded simple facility.  They start from scratch.  Nothing but the best,
most modern equipment and technology, and they don't play small.  With labor
rates quite low, they can hire good people too.  You'd be amazed at how much of
the commercially sold jewelry in this countries department stores and chain
jewelry stores happens to be made in India.  And the stuff is not second rate.
 Some of it uses high tech technologies that the Indian manufacturers have
 much mastered well before it's been done here, and the product ares, simply
 very high quality for the prices they sell at. They are, in a word, kicking the
butts of the mainstream jewelry manufacturers in the U.S and Europe, many of
whom have adapted simply by moving their own production to those Indian
factories.   And as regards our Dr. Reddy's pharmacueticals, it would not
surprise me in the least, to find the exact same level of high quality and
competance there too.  it makes a lot of sense.  The technical education that
students can get in the Indian schools is very much on a par with fine
universities here, in addition to the many students who come here, earn PhDs,
and then go back to India.  But wages there are much lower, cutting production
costs for the companies drastically.  For a company that wishes to do things
like manufacture generic drugs,  things that have already been well researched,
are out of patent protection, and which have a wide market,  I'd guess that
manufacturing in India might be just about ideal, from a cost standpoint, as
well as the resources to get the quality right.  

 Don't let the primative seeming nature of the tourist shots of fishing
 or the cows in the streets or the poverty of people there fool you into
the companies manufacturing there don't know what they're doing.  Facliities
 I've seen there (in jewelry manufacturing, not pharmacy) were spotless, state
the art, and just way way ahead of counterpart operations here in the states.
Being able to get normal world market prices for a product, while paying your
workforce a wage that not only makes them very happy, since it's more than
 average for the area, but is also way below the wages your american and
competitors have to pay, leaves a lot of profit sitting around to invest in
 better facilities. The same likely holds for other parts of the far east too.
 it's no accident that so many of our high tech computer products and cell
and bg meters at least use componants made on that part of the world.

Of course, don't worry too much for the future.  These things, in time equal
out.  In China, the same influences have led, just as we've had some recession
problems recently, to a state of economic growth in China that's amazing.
people are getting rich manufacturing our toys, and are using their new found
wealth by quickly buying cars, bigger houses, better and more food.  And guess
what.  More and more of them are getting fat.  And more and more of them are
becoming diabetic.  What goes around, comes around, I guess.  Only a matter of
time before the IP list will need a chinese language edition... (grin, sort

Peter Rowe
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