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RE: [IP] Re:Syringes and Cipro-AMAZING!

Oh good grief!

 Their facilities are FDA inspected. And inspected by the British as well.
Remember, it was a *US*
 company that brought us the flu vaccine fiasco, and it was the British
regulators that caught it.

 I've never been there myself, but I know a lot of people from that area. A very
intelligent workforce.

 And maybe you can afford to buy brand-name products. I can't, even with

 My concern was not with it being a foreign company. I was concerned it was some
home-brew spinoff of
 our US unregulated "nutritional supplements" industry, that has brought us such
goodies as Ephedra
 and lead-contaminated calcium supplements. And such bogus things as
"Corti-slim" -- basically
 claiming to help you lose weight by either curing Cushing's or causing
Addison's disease! (And trust
me, you do NOT want THAT!)

 I was also concerned with the possibility of counterfeiting. Rite Aide has been
victim of
 counterfeits in the past (as I bet their competitors have been as well). I know
Lipitor was one such

It was problems on the US side that had me worried.

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  Isn't this just amazing? I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the drug
maker...I never
 buy generic and this got through this time. I too rushed home and looked the
company up. Low and
 behold there it was listed as bright as day. This is really hard for me to
understand; we can't buy
 drugs from Canada where they have some of the most strict production laws
around but we buy from
 Hyderabad! I have been there several times and I would NEVER take a drug
produced in that area.
 You can't find decent water there anyplace. There is hardly a place to sit that
is not covered in
 dung. I just can't believe what is happening to the drug system. Thanks for
reaffirming what I saw.
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