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RE: [IP] Microsoft WORD

And copyright infringement is not theft?

 Let's say you publish books. I make copies and start selling them. The courts
will award my profits
 to you. Because you took the information and sold it as your own, this will be
considered theft.

 You say it's because there's no physical product? OK, let me hack into your
bank account and take
all of your non-physical money.

 You can play semantic games all you want to define it as something other than
"theft". It's still
 wrong. It's still illegal. It's still taking something you're not entitled to
without paying.

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While it technically may be illegal, I want to point
out that copying software is NOT theft.  There is no
physical product that someone else is being deprived
of.  The software industry drummed up a lot of support
by using phrases such as "it's just like stealing" and
such.  In reality, we are talking about copyright
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