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Re: [IP] Microsoft WORD

At 10:48 PM 1/17/2005, you wrote:
 >While it technically may be illegal, I want to point
 >out that copying software is NOT theft.  There is no
 >physical product that someone else is being deprived
 >of.  The software industry drummed up a lot of support
 >by using phrases such as "it's just like stealing" and
 >such.  In reality, we are talking about copyright

Copyright infringement is the theft of the intellectual property of someone 
else. As an example, if you copy a book instead of purchasing it you've 
denied the author of the rightful proceeds for their efforts. Copyright 
infringement is not just something trivial, it is equally illegal as taking 
something physical from the creator of the item... in this case you've 
denied them of the payment for their creation. Stealing their income is no 
less theft than stealing the item itself.

As a librarian, I've spent many years involved with copyright protection.

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