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Re: [IP] Microsoft WORD

While it technically may be illegal, I want to point
out that copying software is NOT theft.  There is no
physical product that someone else is being deprived
of.  The software industry drummed up a lot of support
by using phrases such as "it's just like stealing" and
such.  In reality, we are talking about copyright

To each their own.  I sleep fine at night knowing that
my father (who coincidentally owns and runs a small
software company) shared some of his software with me
so I could take a required computer class and save
what little money I have for other things.  At least
call this what it is - copyright infringement.


***snip***The messages on the tags on mattresses and
pillows are aimed at sellers not the end user, so
that's not a valid argument. Also, the amount of money
MS makes is not relevant since theft is theft, no
matter who it's from. Otherwise it would be OK to rob
rich homes, but not poor ones... however, the law
doesn't make that distinction. Being poor isn't an
excuse either, because otherwise it would be OK for
poor people to rob others who had much more than they
do. Yet, we lock up poor people all the time for
theft. You don't own the software you purchase... all
you get is a license to use it. By installing the
product you agree to the license, which almost always
prohibits making copies.

The bottom line is that we cannot be promoting illegal
activities on this list. What you do on your own, is
totally up to you. ***snip***

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