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[IP] "Dr.Reddy's home remedies" version of Cipro

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 18:04:56 -0800, you wrote:

>> As in my post I stated that I purchased the syringes and Cipro generic from

OK.  As an added note, I'd mention that I get most of my prescriptions through
my local Rite Aid pharmacy too, but that's just because they're across the
street from where I work, which is convenient, and since I've got prescription
coverage with my insurance, the copay will be pretty much the same no matter
where I go.  However, I'm well aware that Rite Aid is NOT a discount pharmacy,
even if they are a chain store and present themselves as economical.  Their
 prescription prices, should you not have insurance, are pretty much full

And regarding that "Cipro".  I'm really curious about that name you quoted.
"Dr.Reddy's home remedies" does not sound like any sort of legitimate
pharmaceutical manufacturer I've ever heard of, though who knows.  Maybe they
are.  The drug itself has been around for quite long enough, and is simple
enough to manufacture, that who knows who's making it these days,   Especially
in the aftermath of the big scare with Anthrax a couple years ago, leading to a
sudden unexpected demand for the stuff. .  If this was dispensed as
Ciprofloxacin by the pharmacist, then it should be legit.  If you're not sure,
you might consider verifying it with the pharmacist, who'd have more details.
But as i said before,  whether it's genuine and good antibiotic is no guarantee
that it will happen to be the correct drug for your infection.   Sometimes one
needs to have an actual culture test run to find the effective antibiotic.  And
unfortunately, that's yet more money... 

Good luck

Peter Rowe
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