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[IP] a great thing happened in this area recently..

 I'm excited (both from a professional and a personal
standpoint) just recently, and long overdue (IMHO)-
EMT-Basics have been cleared to administer glucagon
shots. (after taking the protocal course- of course)
This is a rural community, and it can take a VERY long
time for a paramedic to show up to start D50 or give
glucagon. Meanwhile, the Basic virtually stands around
and can't do anything-if the person won't/can't
swallow. (we can check blood sugars..) When the
individual goes unconscious, if they aren't
already-the only thing you can do is haul them off to
the hospital.. (from the legal standpoint) I am a new
EMT, and this frustrated me to no end (if I was that
unconscious individual, I would want that shot ASAP)
and, I know how to give it- but of course, legally I
could not.. Now, I can give it, my fellow squad mates
can be trained to give it to me-and this community is
going to be a whole lot better off!
 (my brain cells are resting easier now..)
            dx 12/98
            MM508 4/01
            Cozmo 1/05 

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