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[IP] diabetes vs cancer

Hello Gilles,

I have had Type I diabetes for 25 years and I had breast cancer 7 years ago.
Since I have not yet had complications from diabetes, and I have not yet had a
recurrence or metastasis of my cancer, my experience is that of a
still-healthy person with two conditions to cope with. Cancer diagnosis is
scarier as the disease can turn so quickly to severe illness, pain and death,
and the treatment is painful and unpleasant. Diabetes requires much more
maintenance, knowledge and awareness and affects daily life far more, but
taking constant action to keep yourself on track can give you a positive sense
of control over your health (even if this is an illusion, it's a useful one)
that is pretty hard to achieve as a cancer patient. So for me, diabetes is
more of a burden, but so far for me it's a lot less terrifying than cancer.

What a question!

good health to you and yours
Laura G.

Gilles wrote:
Good Day Everybody,
I have a question for everybody,

 Do you think diabetes is worst then cancer.???? I would like to have your
input on this factor.

 Yes, we are aware that either one is bad to have and I really don't wish it
to anybody out there.

Thank you,

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