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[IP] Re: Diabetes vs. cancer or other diseases

I have actually thought about how different disease compare a lot over the
last year as I have been dx'd with celiac and rheumatoid arthritis.  I've
come to the conclusion that you can't really compare diseases because it
depends on so many other things.  My mother had breast cancer and had a
small lump removed and then 7 weeks of radiation.  Would I have rather had
that than a lifetime of diabetes?  I think so.  For me being hypothyroid is
my easy disease.  I just take a daily pill.  For others it can cause quite
an impact to their quality of life.  Over the last year I have mostly hated
the celiac dx because it impacts others who have to be very careful cooking
for me and eating out is so difficult.  It has much more of a social impact. 
I don't like to impose on others or have to rely on them.  It has had a 
greater impact on my health than 30+ years of diabetes mostly because of 
being undiagnosed for so long.  And the RA right now means more pills and 
some painful days but in the long run could have the most potential to 
disable me.

If I could pick one disease to get rid of it wouldn't be an easy choice!

Age 46 - Type 1 diabetes, 31 years, pumping 5 years, hypothyroid 30 years, 
celiac - 1 years and rheumatoid arthritis - 6 months and daughter Melinda - 
age 21, Type 1 - 2 years on MDI 
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