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[IP] Cure for Diabetes/Pharmaceutical Industry (sorry long)

I work in the pharmaceutical industry (I'm a chemist in research and 
development) and I think a lot of people overlook the fact that the 
pharaceutical industry is a for profit, business based industry with their 
product being pharmaceuticals (aka drugs--emphasis being that their products 
are drugs not cures).  Yes, as a business, they are in it to make money 
because if they weren't, they would no longer be in business.  Plain and 
Simple.  It is very expensive and time consuming (and very important) to 
research and discover drugs and if it were up to a non-profit company to do 
so, there would be little competition and thus we would not have the 
treatments we have today and would likely still be taking quinine and epsom 
salts for most ailments.

The general public in the US has shown that they are NOT willing to fund the 
government upfront to take over this enormous task so it is up to the 
pharmaceutical companies to provide for the need for new treatments and 
therefore need to make money to be able to fund the research.  But again I 
emphasize that their products are drugs, not cures.  They are no more "the 
devil" than any other business trying to sustain itself.

I agree that cures are most likely going to come from independent or 
academic research, but that too needs to be funded and that is where the 
problem comes in--everyone wants a cure but no one is willing to fund them.  
I know that most (if not all) pharmaceutical companies give lots of grants 
to universities for research (which is far more than should be expected from 
a business that only wants to make profit, as is often suggested by the 
media) and the government does the same, but that funding only goes so far.  
I was actually doing undergraduate research that was partially funded by J&J 
when I was in school.  A good point was made in an earlier post saying that 
a cure most likely be found in another country--and that is because more 
socialist governments provide more funding for the research to be done--and 
that enables cures to be found.  The only way that will ever change in the 
US is if the government funds these undertakings--which means that 
indirectly we will be funding the undertakings.  The purpose of the JDRF 
(Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) in my mind is therefore to get us to 
fund the research more directly without going through the government since 
there are not adequate government programs in place to do that.   I should 
also mention that I work for a European based pharmaceutical company and not 
an American based one but the philosophy is fairly similar across the board 
(I have worked for American based companies in the past).

Type 1 since age 13 (and having diabetes is the main reason I decided to 
become a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry).
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