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[IP] Re: Syringes and Cipro

 As in my post I stated that I purchased the syringes and Cipro generic from

>>What are you paying for you BD Syringes?   I just paid $41 for a box of
>>and $45 for a box of 100 Ultra Fine 30 gauge 1/2 cc.
>>I have to find someplace that sells for less.  This is really ridiculous.
>>What do people who have no funds do to pay for all this stuff.
>>I also got Cipro...generic from "Dr.Reddy's home remedies" That IS the
  >>printed on the bottle. Looks nothing like real Cipro and is doing
nothing for
>>my infection.  Strange and all the from Rite Aide.

If you have a local Costco store, or a Walmarts, try their pharmacies, as
as some of the online sources.  I've found Costco in particular, to be less
costly for the BD syringes, though I don't recall now exactly what it was,
that's been some time, what with being on the pump now.

>I am on a pump vacation due to the severe abdominal infections caused by
the pump<

>One thing I wont do is go into a Walmart even if they were giving it away.>

Also, I recall that the monoject syringes were substantially less costly
BD, and there are other brands that are also even less costly than either of
those two major brands.  Look around, especially at online sources.
 >All other syringes are too painful to use<

As to the Cipro, that's a prescription only drug.  If you got it from
other than a pharmacy that requires a doctors prescription, then I'd guess
there's a strong chance you got something other than the antibiotic,
>I don't know but RITE AIDE PHARMACY look like a real pharmacy<

  Ciprofloxacin (that's the correct generic name). Remember as well, that as

>Trust me I know all about antibiotics and their use<


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