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[IP] Blood in tubing of infusion set & bent cannula

I tried posting this yesterday, but didn't see it show up, so I re-sent it. 
Sorry if it's a duplicate.

Having been on the pump for not even one whopping week, I had an interesting 
experience today.  Probably regular, but interesting to me anyway.  I have 
had sugars in the 300's all day, without an explanation.  I finally decided 
to change the set and found that the cannula was bent.  In changing to the 
new set, when I inserted it, blood came up through the tubing just like in 
an IV when it goes in sometimes.  I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I 
threw it away (feeling nauseous about that!) and did a new one.  The second 
one was fine.

Question 1:  Can you use those sets even if there's blood in it?  I mean, 
it's only my blood and all it would be doing is going back into my body.  If 
you've ever had this happen, what do you do about it?  I just didn't know 
what to do.

Question 2:  Are there ways to prevent a cannula getting bent?  I've 
"dropped" the pump a couple times.  It never hit anything as the tubing is 
only 23 inches long or whatever, but it just kind of swung for a second 
until I reacted and caught it.  I wonder if this caused it to pull out sort 
of funny or twist or something and cause it to bend.   Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help!
Marcia R. 
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