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Re: [IP] Jet injectors and long-acting insulin

email @ redacted wrote:

<  As there have been quite a few of us with the "device of death" (aka  
 < medi-jector).."for the love of dog man... either go back to the plain old
 < fashioned bone chipping syringes or stick on the pump!" You owe it to
<  LOL  Does anyone else want to help me on this one????
<  ~ ShawnaLT in AZ on IP that is  PG 

 "Device of death"??? There must be a very big difference between medijectors
and gentlejets - I've only ever used a gentlejet and I used it 6+times a day for
6 years and the only time the injection hurt was once or twice when I forgot to
"back-off" the pressure setting.
 I took between 0.5 and max 8 units per injection. Got very mild bruising at one
stage but discovered that was because I didn't sterilize it (to remove the
insulin crystals). I am continuing to use it simultaneously with my pump because
I believe (and nothing's disproven me so far) that it will continue to reverse
the hypo-lipoatrophy I developed in the first few years after my diagnosis - I
had a rare localised reaction to novonordisk actrapid and isophane insulin . It
stopped when I switched from pen-needles to the Gentlejet

T1 12+years

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