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[IP] Living life with diabetes

email @ redacted wrote:
 <  Hi ashling,
<  I was wondering what type of pump you have?  And I was curious about the
<  kind of care you receive in Ireland. I just returned from a 3 week
<  vacation/trip to Ireland and had an absolutley great time.  Dublin is a
<  vibrant city.
<  Bob

Hi Bob,
 Glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday in Ireland. Hope it didn't rain too much
while you were here ; - >
 I use a Minimed 508 - the paradigm pump is also available here now but it
wasn't launched when I got mine.
 People with diabetes in Ireland are fortunate because all our insulin &
blood-testing supplies & diabetes equipment are funded by the government.
However public clinics are often over-crowded - putting doctors under pressure
and patients don't always receive sufficient time & attention. There is a lack
of educational programmes & counselling services for people with diabetes in
Ireland - but the Irish Diabetes Federation is working to improve this.
 John Keeler, a Dubliner(who developed diabetes in 1970 when he was 4 years old)
wrote a book ('Living Life with Diabetes') about his experience growing up with
Diabetes in the 70's & 80's in Ireland. He writes about how the treatment and
care of people with diabetes has improved over the years and how in more recent
times people with type 1 diabetes in Ireland and UK have come together to
support and learn from one another - if you're interested in reading more about
his experiences visit http://eu.wiley.com/remtitle.cgi?isbn=0470869135

 I currently attend a diabetologist 2 or 3 times a year - Dr Chris Thompson. He
actively encourages teenagers & young adults with type 1 diabetes to live life
to the full while managing their diabetes appropriately. In 2000, along with
other irish doctors, he accompanied a group of climbers with type 1 diabetes to
Kilimanjaro. They have reported the effects of extreme altitiude mountaineering
on diabetes in the British journal of Sports medicine www.bjsportmed.com

 Most of what I know about diabetes I have learnt from the American Diabetes
Association - I have been a member since 2001.

Dublin, Ireland.
 Type 1 12+years, severe progressive injection site hypo-lipoatrophy - 4 years,
Gentlejet injector (virtually pain free injections - I'm still amazed by it!!-it
really does work) 6 years , Minimed 508 1+ years

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