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[IP] Re: diabetes in China

Subject: Re: [IP] Diabetics In China?
Did the study research Type 1 or 2?

I recently submitted a proposal to the CDC to conduct diabetes education in 
minority communities. We are talking primarily about type 2. According to 
the Joslin Center and the American Physicians of Indian Origin,
The rate of diabetes in Asians and Pacific Islanders is growing at an 
alarming rate, with 90-95% being type 2 diabetics. The estimated number of 
diabetics had increased from 30 million in 1985 to 135 million in 1995, and 
projected that 300 million people will be affected by 2025. Approximately 
half of this population will be Asians and Pacific Islanders. China is 
predicted to have the highest rise in prevalence rate (68%) followed closely 
by India (59%) and other Asian countries and Pacific Islands (41%). The 
dramatic rise may be a result of industrialization, urbanization, 
mechanization and westernization. Studies on Japanese-Americans in Seattle 
and Hawaii showed that the prevalence of diabetes was two to three times 
higher than in Japan. Diabetes among Chinese-Americans is 5-7 times higher 
than in China. One study found that among South Asians, the rate of type 2 
diabetes was 4-5 times that of non-Hispanic whites.

But the rate of type 1 in China is quite low:


Regarding the rate of diabetes in other Eastern nations, this article has a 
chart that sums it up:


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