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From: email @ redacted
Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2005 08:56

 I have a lot of strips for the Paradigm Link meter, but I switched due to
accuracy of readings and
 excess errors. Has anyone had simuliar problems with the Paradigm Link 
Is anyone using it now
and happy with it?
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My reply:

I've used all sorts of meters through the years and find the Paradigm as 
accurate as any.  Once I compared different meters (not including the BD 
Paradigm) and got two different readings. Called one meter's hot line and 
was told that there is a certain amount of variation expected.  When I told 
that I got the drops of blood from the same hole by squeezin, was told that 
the second reading would be lower due to more lymph in the sample.

I use the BD Paradigm link and found that the pump cam be in another room, 
50' away and get the reading by RF (not line-of-sight as the possible case 
with IR links). I like using small drops of blood, but am prone to get the 
E-3 reading when I try too small a drop.  I have gotten incorrect lows when 
I fail to dry my finger off enough before lancing it.

Royce B. 
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