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[IP] Re:kidney failure

>>>We recently discovered the Cyclosporin he's been on for anti rejection
>has scarred the kidney, my sister's, so it is only one third usable. We
>have discovered that the medical community has known for the last 5
>years that Cyclosporin with long term use scars kidneys. My father, not
>the litigious type, wrote a letter to the transplant center requesting
>an explanation and that they correct their protocol so others do not
>have the same experience.>>>>

    All three of the centers I have visited have made very clear the
complications of immunosuppressives, nephrotoxicity being only one of the
many. My question for you is, what is the name of the center and the
transplant co-coordinator who is too busy to notice your fathers chart.
Noticing these things is part of that persons job! So sorry to hear of your
Dads setback. Does he have plans for a second transplant?
   As far as changing protocols go, there aren't many options. There is a new
study in progress for a drug called Campath but only a couple of centers are
using it and although the early outcomes are favorable, noone yet knows the
long-term outcome. I don't know much about this drug but believe it helps
reduce the need for as much of the other drugs.
Try this link for more info:
rch='Campath%20immunosuppressive' or  http://makeashorterlink.com/?P26C12F3A
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