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[IP] Re:Pharmacies and a meter question

>>>My question on meters. I use an One Touch Ultra Smart which I am happy
>but I am running low on strips. I have a lot of strips for the Paradigm Link
>meter, but I switched due to accuracy of readings and excess errors. Has
>had simuliar problems with the Paradigm Link meter? Is anyone using it now
>happy with it? Thanks
>Amy >>>>>>>>

   I switched to the Ultrasmart back when BD was having all those problems
also. It was the first time I bought a meter in many years. Shortly thereafter
BD sent me an improved Link and a letter telling me of changes in the strips.
I spent too much money on the Ultrasmart to change back then. Finally about a
month ago I realized that my Paradigm does everything I was asking my
Ultrasmart to do and except for those E-3's I was very happy with the Link. I
tried it out again and have been very happy. I have not seen 1 error message
and have not had any false readings either. If you are still having problems
with your Link then I suggest phoning BD. The Indianapolis number I have is
800-219-7174 ext 1838 that number may be different for people living outside
of Indiana but if so,they will tell you.

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