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RE: [IP] Pharmacies and a meter question

My opinion: It's some lot #s of strips that have a high rate of bogus readings.

 I've seen that with the One Touch (Ultra and UltraSmart) as well, but there
were two lot numbers I
had early on for which it was a frequent occurrence.

 The bad strips were visibly different than the good ones, and the tended to
leave perfect circles
 not filled in with blood in a row along the center of the window. I think it's
a quality control

 I always recheck any surprising reading before I do anything that would be
dangerous if the reading
 were wrong. This has saved my rear end a few times with the One Touch meters as
well as the Paradigm
 Link meter. But most of the time, the reading turns out to within the accuracy
limits (which aren't
 very good for any meter, sigh). For example, today I had two surprising
readings just over 200. On
 retesting, I got around 188. The first time this happened today, I tested a
third time, and got the
exact same reading I did the second.

 I DO think the UltraSmart is a much better meter. It also has better detection
of bad strips/fills
than either the Paradigm Link or its predecessor, the One Touch Ultra.

 I continue to use the Paradigm Link because (a) I'm careful with it, (b) it
eliminates transfering
 BS readings -- a source of error and a hassle, (c) I like using less blood and
less pain, and (d) I
 can use it with the same software I manage my pump with. The Paradigm Solutions
software doesn't
seem to support the UltraSmart.

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Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2005 08:56

 I have a lot of strips for the Paradigm Link meter, but I switched due to
accuracy of readings and
 excess errors. Has anyone had simuliar problems with the Paradigm Link meter?
Is anyone using it now
and happy with it?
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