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[IP] Unusual blood sugar results for "Non-diabetic"

Someone on my celiac support list is looking for explanation for some 
unusual test results.  She has had celiac disease for a number of years and 
is following a gluten free diet and as far as she knows her intestine has 
healed (proven by biopsy awhile back).  She has not been diagnosed with 
diabetes at this point.

>>Hi Laurie,
Here are the latest results.  The weird thing is a that this has happened
3 times.  That is why the doctor is so confused.

My HGB A1C has been 5.3 and 5.8 which are normal.
My Insulin level has tested at 3.8 (I'm not sure what this means)
Urine samples for 1/2, 1, and 2 hour  tests have been fine

fasting   156

fasting glucose    148
Glucose Tolerance.   1/2 hr  202
1 hr                     168
2hr                       113

I know that the night before the first test she had had pizza (gluten free, 
of course) but had fasted 15 hours which seemed like a long time for a 
spike.  The second time she did not have pizza.  Another thought I had was 
that because she had fasted for so long maybe her liver kicked in the sugar? 
Could this happen to a non-diabetic and be considered a normal response or 
should she start treatment, i.e. a diabetic diet?

Thanks for your help,

Age 46 - Type 1, 31 years (pumping with Cozmo 5 years); celiac 1 year, 
rheumatoid arthritis 6 months
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