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Re: [IP] Microsoft WORD

I made a slight mistake earlier to this post, I have
XP and need word for Windows XP Thanks alot for
--- Kathy Caldwell <email @ redacted> wrote:

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> Hello, well this subject is not directly connected
> with pumping but as you read you'll understand.
> When I started chatting on the insulin pumpers
> website
> I met a woman there who was taking classes at a
> college to better her education and so I have
> decided
> to do the same. I have been enrolled in an online
> college and I am very excited about it but the only
> thing is that for my computer course I will need
> microsoft word (not works) and I don't have this and
> don't have the money to buy it either but I thought
> maybe one of you guys might have it and if I could
> send you a blank cd could you make a copy for me. I
> would be glad to pay shipping cost and send the
> bland
> CD. Please email me privately to discuss this.
> Thanks
> to the insulin-pumpers chat room for encouraging me
> to
> do better with my life!
> Sincerely, Kathy
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