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RE: [IP] Re: Cure

I've been sitting quietly reading all the responses to this subject.

If they ever find out what causes Diabetes, then perhaps no newborns or
others will ever have to get it first and then receive a "cure" for it.

I believe there cannot be a cure until they first find out what causes it
and there are so many theories out there right now that it isn't funny.

I read somewhere a while ago that it has become an international effort to
find out what causes diabetes so that they can find a cure and also prevent
it from ever happening.

Now, for us "older" diabetics---those who have had it for 25 years + and
have always heard that a cure is around the corner...who knows if we will
ever live to see this happen.

But....that does not preclude everyone from losing hope of ever seeing a
cure for this horrendous disease.  Whether you have this disease or any
other problems physical, mental, whatever, what is life without hope?

For those of you who have never developed or still haven't developed
complications, all I can say is that you are extremely fortunate.

My brother has a tx for kidney/pancreas almost 5 years ago and his
neuropathy never went away.  His eyes, the vision that he has lost, can
never be restored.

Just try to be positive and look at the glass as half full....and remember
that whenever we feel down about what we have to go through daily, there are
those out there who are a thousand times worse off than us.

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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