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[IP] Re: Pharmacies and meter question

 Just an interesting fact about pharmacies - in France, pharmacists can and do
diagnose illnesses and prescribe medications, so you don't necessarily have to
go to a doctor. Re: the Paradigm Link meter, check the archives. There have been
a lot of posts about this over the last year. I stopped using the Link last
summer after infrequent, but common enough, accuracy problems even after four of
the "new" meters. Others have reported the same. The vast majority of readings
are correct, but I would occasionally get one that read something like 28 when I
was really at 168, or sometimes it would read really high like 328 when I was at
168. It got so that everytime I had a high or low reading, I would recheck it
just to be sure. That wasn't worth it to me, so now I use the Flash meter and
love it. Punching the reading in manually to my bolus wizard really isn't a big
deal. Pam

 One day I was not feeling well and stopped into the
Pharmacy to ask what I could take for it. I explained all my symptions and he
 said that he would not suggest anything, but would call for an ambulance to
me to the hospital. So off I went and 8 hours later had my appendix out. I am
 very grateful that I listened to him.........I have a lot of strips for the
Paradigm Link
meter, but I switched due to accuracy of readings and excess errors. Has anyone
had simuliar problems with the Paradigm Link meter? Is anyone using it now and
happy with it? Thanks
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