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Re: [IP] Re: Cure For Diabetes

I guess I'm one of the people with rose colored glasses, but I've found that 
most doctors and researchers I've met are very interested in a cure, not just 
in prolonging lives with the disease.  I think that applies to most doing 
research for cures or treatments.

As for drug companies, sure they're businesses, but all their pills go out of 
patent eventually and they stop making so much money on them, but they do it 
anyway.  If they found a cure for type 1 or for aids, there are plenty of 
diseases still left to work on, and the drug companies could move on to one of 

Also, re: Chris Rock and polio.  Polio wasn't cured.  An immunization was 
found to prevent it from occuring.  Almost has happened, like with small pox, 
though it's not completely gone yet.

Much research money comes from the government and goes to universities.  The 
professors and researchers at those universities aren't getting rich from 
anything - cures or treatments - they're doing it because they believe in it. 

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