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Re: [IP] Re: Cure For Diabetes

 I agree with what jimb said! And to comment on Marisa's statements, Yes there
are many people dedicated to finding a cure, but that doesn't mean that there
isn't an outlandish profit being made in the meantime, even by those who are so
very dedicated and it is all at our expense because we have no choice but to pay
the god awful prices charged for what's available to help us treat and manage or
D. Case in point...in 1999/2000 Humilog was 18.99 cash per bottle...present
price is 85.99 + (depending on where you shop) cash per bottle, that means it
has quadrupled in price in 5 years, I hope your not going to insult my
intelligence by tell me that production costs have risen so much to have caused
that kind of an increase. In my opinion, the only thing that has risen that much
is the corporate greed and unrealistic promises made to stockholders Same with
test strips, during that same time period, those used to be between 25.99 and
40.00 for 100...Now they are between 80.00 an!
 d 100.00
  (depending on where you shop). The strips haven't increased as badly as the
insulin, but it's still awful when you couple that with all the other things we
have to purchase. Add to that the fact that some of us have no insurance, and
those that do have varying different copays, percentages and deductibles all
fueled by the current prices.

 Marisa Schmidt <email @ redacted> wrote:Woody Johnson, heir to Johnson
& Johnson and owner of the NY Jets, has a
daughter with type 1 diabetes. He is very committed to finding a cure and 
gives millions of dollars to research. He also lobbies others to give. 
That is why it doesn't matter how profitable the disease is, the passion to 
find a cure is even stronger. And if you find the opportunity to meet some 
of the researchers studying type 1 diabetes, it brings even more hope. So 
many talented researchers have dedicated their lives' work to helping find a 

Marisa Schmidt

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From: "jimb" 
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 5:39 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] Re: Cure For Diabetes

> Johnson and Johnson is a family company. One of them passed away less than
> one year ago..
> His war chest was around 7 billion.... need some windex...??? I have
> insurance and pay a co-pay for meds.. I was in my local pharmacy the other
> Day and noticed test strips were $52 for a quantity of 50. That's $1.04
> Per.... You can't tell me this is not lucrative.... If a cure is found
> Would anyone buy it and destroy it...
> Any thoughts,

email @ redacted
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