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[IP] Re: Life of the privileged

Cynthia I fully understand about unquenchable thirst and beating a path to 
 the BR all night. I do not know how I managed without sleep in my working days.
Fact is I still never sleep more than four hours a night. I would drink until 
I could hold no more water and still be thirsty. The big D must put a fire in 
ones gut. I also ate everything I could find that did not out run me and lost 
weight all the time. Then I simply went to sleep and lost an entire weekend. 
Checked myself into the hospital on Monday morning and at 6'2" tall weighed a 
 whopping 118 lbs. BG testing in those days was done with testape. You bought it
on a reel like scotch tape, tore off a small strip and dipped it in your 
 urine and watched the color change for a specific amount of time then compared
to a color scale on the side of the reel. This gave you a percentage of sugar 
in the urine. Results? Just marginally better than nothing.  
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