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[IP] cortisone observation

Hey, trigger finger friends - just had something very interesting occur.
Last summer I had cortisone injections for 2 trigger fingers at my pcp's
office. She used one injection per finger in my palm just below where the
fingers met the palm. Blood sugars went crazy for just over a week but
manageable on the pump with frequent testing. After 2 - 3 months the trigger
fingers reoccurred so saw the orthopedic doc, had the choice of injections
or surgery. Since the problem had reoccurred in such a short time and not
wanting to bother with the blood sugar control game again I choose surgery.
One of the fingers (my thumb actually) turned out great. Back to normal in
no time. The ring finger was another story. While no longer "triggering" it
was very stiff and not what I had expected. The doc suggested O.T. and I
tried that for about a month and a half and the finger, in my opinion, got
worse. They discharged me from O.T. because they said insurance would not
pay if there was no improvement. I went back to the orthopedic doc and he
wasn't happy with the way things had turned out (says he hadn't seen this
before) so we tried another cortisone injection. When he did it, he injected
into the finger just above where the finger met the palm. First he injected
the magic pain-killer stuff, left the needle in my finger, attached another
syringe with the cortisone and injected that into the finger. He knew some
people had problems with blood sugars after the injection but felt that the
cortisone should stay in the tendon and not have that systemic effect. Well,
guess what? It didn't. It's been over a week now and the blood sugars are
still not affected by the injection. The finger is working great also! Why
weren't the blood sugars affected? Is it because of the location of the
injection? Did he get the injection in the tendon and the pcp place it where
it could be absorbed by more than the tendon? Was it because the pain-killer
and the cortisone were not in the same syringe? All I know is that if I ever
need another injection, I'm going back to the Orthopedic doc - have 2 more
fingers that are in the early stages of triggering so I expect it will be
sometime late spring, early summer. As usual, ymmv but that's how it went
for moi. . .  Donna
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