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[IP] UIC Chicago islet transplant questions

Hi guys,

I've recently been called for islet cell transplant (or at least apply) 
and I am meeting with a doctor from UIC in Chicago for the islet 
transplant this coming week..  I've been diagnosed since 1988 and I'm 
currently 27.  I have no complications and have been on Minimed pumps 
for 4 years..recently on a 515.  Anyways, I wanted to ask you all some 
thoughts or comments.

1. The doctors say they are looking for folks with severe lows several 
times a week and needing the assistance of someone.
	I take my test 12-14 times a day and although I do get frequent lows, 
I also can see it happening because I test so often.  Do you think this 
is a problem?   I do have times where I need assistance but since being 
on the pump, I check my sugars a lot.

2.  What do you guys feel about the immuno suppression drugs?  I am 
only 27 and have no complications.  All though my brother, mother have 
gotten some including: blindness, kidney transplant, and lots of heart 

3. Do you know anyone who has been on the islet transplant for a while?

4.  Any other thoughts...?
Any comments would be awesome.  I meet with the doctor for the first 
screening to see if I even qualify.


Jacob Chojnacki
27 years old
17 years since diabetic
MINIMED 515 pump and BD link (4 years on pump)
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