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[IP] Re: Correcting for lows

>>>Yes, but the correction in the Paradigm (and I think for the others
also) does not take into account the amount of insulin on board when
correcting for a low.    Example from my own pump history:  BG 70 at
lunch.  Ate 60 carbs.  Pump calculated 3.7 bolus for food, - 1.0
correction--fine.  But the 1.1 U IOB it calculated was totally
ignored, as the recommended bolus was 2.7.  I took it, and was
fighting lows by an hour after lunch.>>>

   I have only had this problem when my carb ratio or basal rates needed
changing. Any other time the correction for lows is fine with my Paradigm. I
nearly always over treat my lows so must usually bolus. The IOB is there to
cover the meal. Since the meal was over covered you are adding carbs. If you
remove both the IOB and the bolus for the extra carbs eaten for the low, well,
I don't know about you but *I* would end up too high.

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