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RE:[IP] A1C in the mid 5 range

Maureen said:
How do you keep A1C in the mid 5 range? Even testing 10 times a day my BG's
sneak up at times. I range around 7 and would love to see 6.5. I hardly eat
anything and try to bolus for each cracker I grab.

and George Davis says:
Maybe it's genetics or something.  I try to keep my 2 hour post prandial 
readings less than 160, but
my readings bounce all over the map. Sometimes I see readings in the 200 
range and occasionally in
the 300 range.  My 30 day averageof all readings on my Cozmo says 121. 
It could be that I have a "fast metabolism", because I average 250+ 
carbs per day.

George Davis
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