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[IP] Re: Reader's Digest - Cow's Milk and Type 1

 Yes, when my son was born 14 years ago, a Finnish study had just come out in
which the incidence of kids developing Type 1 was higher in those who had been
given cow's milk formula vs. soy or breastfed. I don't remember the details, but
it was something about cow's milk having a similar protein to something in the
beta cells, which caused antibodies to attack it, thus attacking the beta cells
at the same time. Something like that. I remember making a big stink at the
hospital that they were not to give my son any cow's milk formula under any
circumstances. I was nursing, but if they had to give him formula for some
reason, it had to be soy. I also used this reason to get a paid 5 month
maternity leave under the company's disability plan, since I said it was
imperative that I nurse that whole time because of the cow's milk formula risk.
I think the study showed that the risk was only if cow's milk was given in the
first 5 months. Anyway, it was a small link, but between that !
 and any
  genetic link, I didn't want to take any chances. I don't know if there was
ever any further follow-up to that study, whether it's still valid, or anything
else about it. It could be discredited now for all I know. Pam

<This research was done on Type 1s. As I recall, they said that giving 
and young children milk could increase their risk of diabetes. However, 
does not mean that all children who are given milk will end up with 
diabetes, or
all children with diabetes were given milk too young. Just another one 
of those
possible connections (and there are many).>
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