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[IP] Re: Cure For Diabetes

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 13:13:18 EST,
email @ redacted wrote:

 >>>As someone who has done research and has worked in the industry, i 
must say
  that i resent the fact that some feel we are not curing diabetes 
because "there
is no money in the cure".  do you really think that Drs. Best and 
  (the co-discoverers of insulin) found it overnight? No...I believe it 
took them
nearly 15 years, and that was just to determine where insulin came 

You are mistaken. If you would go back and read the biography of 
Frederick Banting, by Michael Bliss, you would learn that the discovery 
of insulin occurred very rapidly, by your standards. Banting served 
with the Canadian army in Europe in 1918 (WW1) and he was not doing 
research at that time or before that time. Sometime between 1919 and 
1921 (Bliss documents the actual date) Banting was inspired with a new 
approach to finding the cause of diabetes while he was practicing 
surgery in London, Ont. He struggled to find support for his new 
project, and I think it was 1921 before Edward Best, a medical student 
(not yet MD) was assigned to him. Before the end of 1921 they had found 
what they were looking for, and it was January 1922 when the first 
insulin was injected into a human (other than Banting himself). And I 
believe it was 1925 when Banting (but not Best) received the Nobel 
Prize for the discovery. Things just don't happen that fast nowadays, 
but back then thank goodness they did.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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