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[IP] RE: Cure For Diabetes

Perhaps you are being a bit pessimistic, but I wouldn't say unrealistic.

The fact is that billions of dollars continue to be wasted on research
not to cure diabetes, but to study how best to live with it, and there
are always more of these stupid studies being done to prove the obvious,
wasting precious time and research talent that could be better if
dedicated towards eliminating diabetes rather than living with it.  Not
only that, but these studies are sanctioned and even encouraged by the
medical profession in peer-reviewed scientific publications who are
willing to publish a yet another study showing how to somehow "improve"
life with diabetes.  At the end of December, a study was published in
Diabetes Care conducted at Children's Hospital in Houston sponsored by
none other than Medtronic Minimed to show that for children with type 1
diabetes, twice-daily insulin injections did not adequately control blood
sugar levels, and that use of a continuous glucose monitoring system does
a better job of tracking daily glucose trends than does self-monitoring
of blood glucose with finger-stick devices.  Sounds pretty self-serving
for Minimed on a study to prove the obvious, yet it received all kinds of
press from medical journals and even mainstream newswires like AP and

Diabetes Health (then known as Diabetes Interview) published an excellent
story on this very topic in October 2003 called "Would You Cure A
Profitable Disease?" (it can be read online at the following link: 

It is for that reason that I would never volunteer for research unless I
know what the study hopes to prove.  If it has anything to do with
"living with diabetes" or "maintaining control", I absolutely will not
volunteer to advance such research.  Try to keep this in mind when
volunteering for clinical research  -- is this study necessary, or could
the money be spent on more promising avenues like studying ways to
achieve immune tolerance for islet transplantation, or something else,
like the cause of insulin resistance?  My feeling is that I could really
care less if an inhalable insulin ever hits the market (actually, I hope
it doesn't) because it is simply a way for big pharmaceutical companies
to sell more insulin to the millions of Type 2 patients who have the
luxury of refusing to go on insulin, but fundamentally, it provides no
relief for the condition that ails them.

Maybe I'm just a bit cranky today, but I feel that until the attitude
that diabetes can be lived with changes, progress on any cures will
remain delayed and quite underfunded compared to less common ailments. 
People will only push for a cure when a disease is feared and inspires a
feeling of dread, fear and horror.  Diabetes is viewed as no big deal
which is why it remains quite underfunded in comparison to far less
common conditions such as breast cancer or AIDS.



Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 07:39:36 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: Cure For Diabetes

Providing medications and supplies for the diabetic has become a cottage
industry in the US today that brings in billions of dollars annually. Who
wants to kill the goose thaqt lays the golden egg. There will never be a
cure for diabetes for that simple reason. Am I overly pessimistic or
what? I would like to hear some other opinions on this subject.
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