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Re: [IP] Re: Cure For Diabetes

As someone who has done research and has worked in the industry, i must say 
 that i resent the fact that some feel we are not curing diabetes because "there
is no money in the cure".  do you really think that Drs. Best and Banting 
 (the co-discoverers of insulin) found it overnight? No...I believe it took them
nearly 15 years, and that was just to determine where insulin came from.  It 
 took a while longer to learn how to mass produce it for the general population.
 Do you really think our doctors enjoy having us (especially those on this 
 list, myself included, in fact, I may be the Queen if this village) come in and
tell them what we want, and have us be demanding?  No. 

We are all personally invested in a cure, for more than one reason, but the 
main reason being that we all HATE this ^%&#%^% disease.  Give it time, and 
 yes, I know you are all sick of hearing that, but that is what it takes. I have
spoken personally with some of the people at the forefront of diabetes cure 
 research, and they have told me that in theory, everything we have postulated
a legititmate way to "finish" this disease, but they are theories.  Theories 
take time, and unfortunately lots of money, to develop, and that is to get it 
to the point of having go before the FDA to be approved.  I, for one, don't 
 want to have to trade of my stupid pump for handfuls of pills. I hate the pump
and I hate diabetes, but that is where it is at.  

Awaiting the day this is all a bittersweet memory,
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