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Re: [IP] Life of the privileged

 Hi Shawna, I hope no one was implying anything different for you! Me, I totally
abused myself for several years until sanity returned...but, I also had a
similar pre-diagnosis history. I went for months eating tons of food and losing
a pound a day!!! I was constantly thirsty...only a diabetic knows what that
thirst is like...horrible. I had blurred vision...peeing all of the time. I had
all of the classics and because of my medical background, I knew what it was.
When my weight fell below 100 pounds I got scared and went to the doctor and
basically told him what I had. They tested and, sure enough, thre big D!
And, life seems to just go on!  Cynthia

Shawna <email @ redacted> wrote:
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Just to be clear, this weight loss occurred before I was diagnosed and I 
didn't know I was diabetic. I thought it was my new job which kept me on my 
feet all day, and switching to a new, low-dose birth control pill after 
years on a higher one. Initially I was loosing the weight slowly, 5 pounds 
in 6 months, which progressed to a pound a week. Towards "the end" is when 
I started eating whatever I wanted because I was hungry all the time. Ice 
cream, which I previously never kept in the house, became a staple. I 
remember one night, just a couple of weeks before diagnosis, eating a large 
corned beef sandwich before going to bed. Since my husband and I had eaten 
Mexican food for dinner, he said, "you can't possibly be hungry," but I was 
starving. We didn't know anything about diabetes and its symptoms.

BTW, I was seeing various doctors for other symptoms I was having, and not 
one of them ever suggested a blood test. I started having spotty periods, 
was very fatigued, and shedding more hair which was dry and brittle. Then I 
developed a mysterious yeast infection on my neck and an abscess in my 
breast (staff infection) which resulted in incision and drainage. After the 
surgery, I lost 5 pounds in 5 days and was nauseous all the time. I thought 
it was from the anesthesia, pain meds and antibiotics. At that point I 
could barely eat because I was so nauseous. It was only at the constant 
nagging of my sister to get a blood test that saved me. She's the only one 
who suspected D.

Shawna Nansel
T1 3/02, Pumping 8/02 Paradigm 511

From: "Cynthia VanDenBerge" 

> Oh Boy, diabetes is anyone with an eating disorder's dream! I went for 
> awhile
> using my diabetes as a way to keep my weight off...very high BGs lots of
> urination and I lost lots of weight while eating everything in sight, but 
> did I
> feel awful. Dry mouth, cracks on the corners of my mouth, yeast 
> infections..but
> man I was skinny! Sheesh, the stupid things I can come up with. Glad I got
> smarter and decided I really wanted to live. Cynthia
> Shawna wrote:And that reminds me of a former 
> co-worker
> saying she wished SHE had diabetes
> when she found out that's how I lost weight while eating everything in
> sight. 
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