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Re: [IP] Nutrients

At 9:10 AM -0500 1/14/05, Ginny Mingolla wrote:
>Has anyone ever heard of Perque Glucose Control Guard?  It was recommended to
>me by a Doctor of Alternative Medicine.
>Ginny   Type 1 at age 47.  Pumping with Paradigm 511

The name "Perque" somehow became "?Por Que?" in 
my mind!   I did a search on some of the terms at 
the Quackwatch site (found on the Links page: 
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/links.shtml ) but 
didn't come up with any hits.  So I went to our 
Search page and used All the Internet sites that 
Michael has indexed looking for "corosolic". 

It refers to a MLM product which may or may not 
be related to this product, and, of course, it 
does depend on the same "recent clinical studies 
have shown".   The "William V. Judy, Phd" 
mentioned mostly googles to touts for CoQ10 
products, he isn't in the Texas that I know. 
The product does have certain ingredients that 
may be beneficial to you, chromium and vanadium, 
but the most telling phrase on the 'sell sheet' 
is at the bottom of the page:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the 
Food and Drug Administration. This product is not 
intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any 

So, caveat emptor, or as I thought originally "Por Que?"

George    ;>)
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