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Re: [IP] [Fwd: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #657]

In a message dated 1/14/05 10:47:03 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
>OK I'm now confused. As I've been told less insulin less appetite, more 
>more appetite. High BGs more appetite. Which means more weigh gain to me. if 
>wrong please explain.

High BG without insulin means the glucose isn't getting into the cells, it's 
being excreted in urine.  Many type 1s and some type 2s lose weight 
 immediately prior to diagnoses because of this even though they may be eating
in sight and drinking gallons of sugary liquids.  The hunger comes from the 
glucose not getting into the cells so the cells are starving, and the thirst 
 comes from the body's reaction to the poison of high BG - trying to flush it
of the system.

The question of insulin causing weight gain is very complicated.  Does the 
insulin itself cause weight gain or  make it more difficult to lose, or is it 
 that the insulin must be fed if too much is used or is it a combination of

In type 2s, insulin resistance leads to the pancreas putting out more 
 insulin, and this can pack on pounds long prior to a diabetes diagnosis (when
pancreas can keep up with demand), perhaps even from childhood.  It's when the 
 pancreas can't keep up anymore that the type 2 slips into frank diabetes, and
that doesn't get diagnosed for a while, the BG will continue ot average 
higher and higher, and weight loss might occur.

I lost 10 lbs in the year prior to diagnosis even though I was drinking a 
gallon of sweetened iced tea every day and eating large amounts of food.

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