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Re: [IP] high night numbers on Animas 1200

At 07:34 AM 1/14/2005, email @ redacted wrote:
>Hi everyone,
> Been getting big numbers in the morning and through the night. Wondering if
>anyone else using Animas IR1200 has had such a problem? When I trialed the
>IR1000 it happened and turned out to be bad cartridges.
>Thank you,
>Lisa B

 I have not experienced this with my IR1200. I would wonder why, if there were a
problem with the cartridges, it would only affect the insulin delivery during
night and not the rest of the day. I've had better bgs after going on the IR1200
than I have with my other pumps because of the easier bolusing features
(CarbSmart, ezBG, and Combo Bolus). The only times I have a problem with higher
morning bgs and bgs during the night is if I have a high fat or high protein
meal for dinner. Perhaps you need to recheck your night-time basals.

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