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Re: [IP] Reader's Digest "Stop Diabetes in Its Tracks"

At 09:37 AM 1/14/2005, chattanoogasue wrote:
>Has anybody gotten this book? If so, does it have much information on type 1?
>The flyer I got about it has some really questionable statements
 >"Does cow's milk give children diabetes? Yes, research has discovered a
potential link." - It does not say type 1 or 2. Again another reason for
different names for the two diseases.

 This research was done on Type 1s. As I recall, they said that giving babies
and young children milk could increase their risk of diabetes. However, this
does not mean that all children who are given milk will end up with diabetes, or
all children with diabetes were given milk too young. Just another one of those
possible connections (and there are many).

 >"I wonder if I even have diabetes anymore! Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at
age 11, controlling her blood sugar was always a struggle for Merry B.
Convulsions, blackouts, trips to the hospital er and a failed attempt at using
an insulin pump added to her discouragement. Then she heard about the Edmonton
Protocol. Today, Merry's diabetes is so well controlled, she wonders if she even
has the disease anymore. She feels safe to live her life and eat what ever
wants, even ice cream." - This sounded a bit off until I checked on the internet
for the "Edmonton Protocol" and found it is islet cell transplant.

 Yes, the Edmonton Protocol is islet cell transplant which, IMO, right now is
not going to be available for all Type 1s in the near future.

 >"New Drug that mimics the pancreas: New ultra-long acting insulin holds levels
steady over the long haul"

Sounds like Lantus.

 >New "super glucose test" that measures your levels for the past three
months!"- is the an a1c test

A1c test for sure.

>"no-prick" meters

 Glucowatch is one, and it had its own problems. There are other ones that are
being developed, but as far as I know, none have been released yet.

>"New alternatives to injections"

 Insulin pump is the only one I can think of. Unless they're also referring to
the inhaled insulin, which as far as I understand, is not working out as well as
the researches thought it might.

>"aloe can drop blood sugar 100 points"

If that were the case, I'd be using aloe instead of insulin.

 >And much much more??? plus you get free "Foods that Fight Disease", "40 best
Weight Loss Tops Ever", and "82 Life-saving Family Medical Tips"
 >All for 4 easy paymens ot 7.95 plus S&H of $4.95 - that's less than the cost
of 1 vial of strips and we could all be cured.

 All these statements sound questionable or just a small part of the truth.
Sounds like advertising hype to get you to buy. IMO, a waste of good money. I'd
use the money to pay for the strips instead. ;o)

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