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[IP] Animas EzManager

 I got the IR Kit to download my IR1200 pump into the EzManager software. It's
worked fine, I've done it twice now. One note is, I have my pump set to shut the
screen off in 15 seconds to conserve battery power. When I download I change
that setting to 60 seconds to allow time for the computer to find the pump. I
found after a couple trials that this worked best.

 However.... it appears that the Animas software has a bug. It does not
recognize duplicate entries when downloading the pump information for boluses.
Which means that each time you download your pump, you will get duplicates of
the insulin information. I spoke with Jorge at Animas this morning and he
explained that it is a known bug in the software and will be fixed, however he
could not give me an estimated time of the fix, just that it would be soon. So,
IMO, until this serious bug is fixed, downloading my pump is sort of worthless
since the log book information is now incorrect. Jorge told me to create a new
account to upload the pump to, but, I wanted all the information together and
that defeats that purpose since I can't download my palm to a new user account,
so I would not have any carb information in that account (since it appears to me
that the only way you can add carb info to the software is through the palm

 I was initially excited about getting all this information easily into one
place, but it looks like it's back to pencil and paper for me at least until
Animas fixes the bug in their software. :o(

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