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Re: [IP] MM 515/715 remote

 I use my remote ALL the time and I LOVE it. When I upgraded from my 507c to the
Paradigm in 2002, I was most excited about the remote. I almost never wear my
pump on my belt anymore and the remote allows me to sit in a meeting
/restaurant/wherever and give a bolus without attracting attention. When using
the remote to program a bolus, you simply need to count the beeps/vibrations to
make sure you've set the correct amount. The way I see it, counting those
beeps/vibrations is the least of my worries in managing my diabetes.

Shannon B <email @ redacted> wrote:
I'm in the process of choosing my pump (yay!), and I'm looking at the Cozmo, 
the Animas IR1200, and the Minimed 515/715. One of the features that 
interests me is the remote control on the 515/715. I understand that it has 
limited function--simple bolus and suspend/resume only. Can anyone tell me 
about experiences with the remote? Does it perform well, is it helpful, that 
kind of thing? Thanks!

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