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[IP] MM 515/715 remote

I absolutely LOVE the remote!  I used one for the 508, 712, and now 715.  I 
use the vibrate function only on my pump and that, combined with the 
remote, make it very easy for me to deliver insulin.

I'm very up front with folks about being a diabetic and being on a pump, 
but I still prefer to be discreet when delivering insulin during business 
meetings over lunch, or on an airplane, etc.

You mention about the suspend/resume function . . . you can only suspend 
with the remote.  To resume, you have to actually pull out the pump and 
push the buttons.

There is one major downside of the remote, though:


With the 508 pump the remote came along with the pump at no additional 
charge.  When I moved to a 712 and then a 715, I had to pay an extra $150 
for the remote(s).  Although it's worth it to me, it is absolutely 
excessive.  The warranty on the remote is VERY short . . . perhaps 3 months 
(going on memory here)?

So, I use the remote all the time, but I'm not very happy with either the 
price or the warranty.  For as cheap as it is to mass produce RF devices, 
MiniMed should be ashamed of both their price and their (lack of a) warranty.


>Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:30:25 -0600
>From: "Shannon B" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] MM 515/715 remote
>I'm in the process of choosing my pump (yay!), and I'm looking at the Cozmo,
>the Animas IR1200, and the Minimed 515/715. One of the features that
>interests me is the remote control on the 515/715. I understand that it has
>limited function--simple bolus and suspend/resume only. Can anyone tell me
>about experiences with the remote? Does it perform well, is it helpful, that
>kind of thing? Thanks!

Dxd 1983
Pumping since 2000
Used MM 508, 712
Now using MM 715
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